About us

The Oxfordshire Wheel is a collaborative user-led organisation, led by and representing people with disabilities and other users of support services, including carers. It supports the delivery of the Putting People First agenda in Oxfordshire, giving choice and control to users of support services.

The Oxfordshire Wheel aims to improve existing services and develop new ones, emphasising collaboration with other local organisations to achieve a high quality of life for people with disabilities, and support and promote independent living.

The Oxfordshire Wheel will be competing with other service providers in the new business model for social care provision, and is committed to sound business principles.

The key priorities for the Oxfordshire Wheel are to create a sustainable infrastructure, to build a wide membership base and to develop a range of service provision in order to establish a successful and viable organisation.
The Oxfordshire Wheel has set up sound governance arrangements which reflect its principles, and will put processes in place to monitor and review its operations.

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